The 5 Best Mira Electric Shower

It is often frustrating to get a sudden cold or hot water blast when you turn on your shower to have a relaxing bath. 

Well, Mira electric showers will definitely solve this problem for you. These showers are absolutely reliable, and they can certainly deliver consistently hot water and keep an even pressure.

This review will help you easily decide which is the best Mira electric shower on the market today.

Mira Jump Multi-Fit Electric Shower

This fantastic electric shower will conveniently replace your old shower with its 16 different cable and water entry combinations. Its flexible fittings allow you to install and adjust the shower easily.

It draws water directly from the mains supply. Hence, you will get an independent hot water supply from your heating system.

The Mira Clearscale technology helps this electric shower last up to 50% longer than your regular shower.

In case there is a need to remove limescale, the four-mode 90mm showerhead of this model comes with rub-clean nozzles. These nozzles make the removal a lot easier. 

The simple and versatile design makes a statement in your bathroom. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. So, peace of mind is assured.

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower

The Mira sport max electric shower comes with the sensi-flo technology. With this technology, there is little to no risk of scalding.

If you are a fan of flexible showers, then this is the one for you. Mira made the sport max to come with a four-spray shower head.

The showerhead is large and allows for wider coverage. Also, your experience in the shower will be an enjoyable one. 

This Mira electric shower also offers you a reduction in limescale build-up by up to 50%.

The on/off push button makes it even easier to use when compared to many other showers. 

With the Eco setting, this shower allows you to save water and energy. 

Mira Azora Thermostatic Electric Shower

This electric shower is one of the safest you can get. Its thermostatic temperature stability gives you the rest of your mind that your family has a safe shower.

It is also equipped with separate temperature and flow dials. These allow you to choose the ideal temperature and flow for you. 

The on/off push button further throws its ease of use up a notch. 

It is equipped with Clearscale technology that cuts limescale build-up by 50%. With this, you have a durable and optimum shower.

This shower also comes with a four-spray, 110mm showerhead with rub-clean nozzles. This ensures that limescale removal is easy.

The phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to make usage easy for everyone.

Mira Sport Electric Shower

An electric shower that draws water directly from the mains supply to ensure that you get hot water supply independently from your heating system.

It is made to last 50% longer, thanks to the Mira Clearscale technology. This technology reduces the possibility of limescale formation.

Phased shutdown helps to flush water from the tank. Hence, you are sure of the safety of the next user. 

The four-mode, 110mm showerhead with rub-clean nozzles makes it easy for you to remove limescale.

Its flexible fittings allow you to install and adjust the shower easily. It covers over existing screw holes for a smooth finish.

Mira Silver Exposed Variable Mixer Shower

When you compare this shower to others within its range, none comes close. You can use the Mira mixer shower in any plumbing system. 

Its flow is up to three times more than that of other mixer showers. The flow remains high even when you use it at low pressure.

Its installation is easy, and you can easily make adjustments, thanks to the standard 150 mm pipe centres. Additional 12 mm pipe centres make it even easier to adjust.

Thermostatic temperature control also comes standard, ensuring safe use.

The brass construction of this shower offers you over a lifetime of use. This construction has been tested to 250,000 on and off cycles. 


After considering all the best Mira electric shower reviews, you will clearly see that any one of them would be an excellent choice for your home. 

All of these Mira electric showers are powerful, and they boast a wealth of outstanding features. They are easy to install, convenient to use, technology-packed, and they won’t unnecessarily increase your electricity bills.

Check out these amazing showers and choose the one that best fits your home. 

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