The 5 Best Mira Electric Shower

It is often frustrating to get a sudden cold or hot water blast when you turn on your shower to have a relaxing bath. 

Well, Mira electric showers will definitely solve this problem for you. These showers are absolutely reliable, and they can certainly deliver consistently hot water and keep an even pressure.

This review will help you easily decide which is the best Mira electric shower on the market today.

Mira Jump Multi-Fit Electric Shower

This fantastic electric shower will conveniently replace your old shower with its 16 different cable and water entry combinations. Its flexible fittings allow you to install and adjust the shower easily.

It draws water directly from the mains supply. Hence, you will get an independent hot water supply from your heating system.

The Mira Clearscale technology helps this electric shower last up to 50% longer than your regular shower.

In case there is a need to remove limescale, the four-mode 90mm showerhead of this model comes with rub-clean nozzles. These nozzles make the removal a lot easier. 

The simple and versatile design makes a statement in your bathroom. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. So, peace of mind is assured.

Mira Sport Max Electric Shower

The Mira sport max electric shower comes with the sensi-flo technology. With this technology, there is little to no risk of scalding.

If you are a fan of flexible showers, then this is the one for you. Mira made the sport max to come with a four-spray shower head.

The showerhead is large and allows for wider coverage. Also, your experience in the shower will be an enjoyable one. 

This Mira electric shower also offers you a reduction in limescale build-up by up to 50%.

The on/off push button makes it even easier to use when compared to many other showers. 

With the Eco setting, this shower allows you to save water and energy. 

Mira Azora Thermostatic Electric Shower

This electric shower is one of the safest you can get. Its thermostatic temperature stability gives you the rest of your mind that your family has a safe shower.

It is also equipped with separate temperature and flow dials. These allow you to choose the ideal temperature and flow for you. 

The on/off push button further throws its ease of use up a notch. 

It is equipped with Clearscale technology that cuts limescale build-up by 50%. With this, you have a durable and optimum shower.

This shower also comes with a four-spray, 110mm showerhead with rub-clean nozzles. This ensures that limescale removal is easy.

The phased shutdown flushes hot water from the tank to make usage easy for everyone.

Mira Sport Electric Shower

An electric shower that draws water directly from the mains supply to ensure that you get hot water supply independently from your heating system.

It is made to last 50% longer, thanks to the Mira Clearscale technology. This technology reduces the possibility of limescale formation.

Phased shutdown helps to flush water from the tank. Hence, you are sure of the safety of the next user. 

The four-mode, 110mm showerhead with rub-clean nozzles makes it easy for you to remove limescale.

Its flexible fittings allow you to install and adjust the shower easily. It covers over existing screw holes for a smooth finish.

Mira Silver Exposed Variable Mixer Shower

When you compare this shower to others within its range, none comes close. You can use the Mira mixer shower in any plumbing system. 

Its flow is up to three times more than that of other mixer showers. The flow remains high even when you use it at low pressure.

Its installation is easy, and you can easily make adjustments, thanks to the standard 150 mm pipe centres. Additional 12 mm pipe centres make it even easier to adjust.

Thermostatic temperature control also comes standard, ensuring safe use.

The brass construction of this shower offers you over a lifetime of use. This construction has been tested to 250,000 on and off cycles. 


After considering all the best Mira electric shower reviews, you will clearly see that any one of them would be an excellent choice for your home. 

All of these Mira electric showers are powerful, and they boast a wealth of outstanding features. They are easy to install, convenient to use, technology-packed, and they won’t unnecessarily increase your electricity bills.

Check out these amazing showers and choose the one that best fits your home. 

Best Toilet Seat For Hemorrhoids

If you are looking for the best toilet seat for hemorrhoids, the chances are high that you already know what hemorrhoids are and are already undergoing some sort of treatment. In this post, we will consider the seven best options available on the market today.

Best Toilet Seat for Hemorrhoids: 7 Best Reviews

Without further ado, check out the seven best toilet seat for hemorrhoids that you can buy right now.

Soothic Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat

The Soothic Sitz bath is designed to fit directly over your existing toilet bowl. Although primarily made to care for new mothers, the toilet seat extends relief to virtually anyone having problems down under.

So, from hemorrhoids to fissures, skin tags, and other issues, you’ll find that this model will soothe you and make doing your business pretty easy.

Soothic Sitz Bath toilet seat is easy to install on any toilet seat and can fit elongated toilets. With an ergonomic design, this toilet provides optimum comfort and stability regardless of hip size.

Additionally, when used according to directions, the toilet seat can handle anyone’s weight. This product is excellent for all ages, including the elderly and in homes where running a bath is not ideal.

With Soothic Sitz bath, you get soothing relief to painful areas in a short time. Add hot to warm water, sit and feel the steamer relieve your pains.

Ralthy Sitz Bath for Over the Toilet

Next on our list of the best toilet seats for hemorrhoids is the Ralthy Sitz bath. The model comes in a squat-free design. This design results in a toilet seat that is easy and healthy to use.

An excellent toilet seat offers relief to pregnant women, elderly people that have mobility issues, and generally anyone that has issues with squatting.

The material of construction is important in these types of toilet seats, and thankfully, Ralthy Sitz bath is constructed out of food grade silicone and plastic. These materials result in a seat that is easy to maintain, and that removes bacteria easily.

Weighing just 430 grams and coming in a compact form, the Ralthy Sitz bath is easy to handle and store when not in use.

Another nice feature of this product is the vents in the bowl that prevent any overflow.

H & W Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat

The H&W Sitz bath is an excellent toilet seat for hemorrhoids. It is made from high quality materials that contribute to safe and easy usage. The high molecular PP and TRP material is resistant to rust and extreme temperatures. This material has no odor and does not cause any adverse reactions or damage to your skin.

The model has a foldable design that makes for a more durable, easy to install, and use toilet seat.

With a design that mimics the design of the human hip, the H&W Sitz bath is highly comfortable for the elderly, pregnant, and those with squatting problems.

Additionally, the toilet seat can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight.

Carex Sitz Bath for Hemorrhoidal Relief Toilet Seat

The Carex Sitz bath is a multipurpose toilet seat that offers fast, effective relief to anyone suffering from hemorrhoids and other issues affecting the genital or anal area.

The product is from a leading manufacturer of respiratory, pain management, and medical equipment – thus, you can rest assured of high quality and comfort.

The model is designed to be comfortable as it has wide edges. This design ensures that you can use the product with different toilet sizes.

Made from high quality materials, this toilet seat will not irritate your skin and supports the weight that your toilet supports.

Zafina Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat

Up next is Zafina Sitz bath. This product comes from a relatively new brand but offers comfort that rivals more popular options.

The model is constructed from high quality silicone and plastic, with a smooth, green finish that feels great on the skin. The design imitates the human hip, which is why many find the model so comfortable to use.

Another reason why this product is so comfortable is the non-slip pads on the bottom that improve stability.

As a foldable toilet seat, you can store Zafina Sitz Bath easily. And because of the compact form factor, the product can be stored in small bathrooms conveniently.

Medpro Home Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat 

This Sitz bath is another excellent fit for a variety of toilet seats for people suffering from hemorrhoids, pregnant women, and those that cannot squat. A high grade plastic build results in a toilet seat that will last for a long time while offering plenty of comfort. Additionally, since this product has a super smooth surface, bacteria will have a hard time breeding on the surface.

The contoured edges offer plenty of comfort while the ON/OFF flow controls make the Medpro easy to use.

Weighing just 7.8 ounces, the product is easy to fix and put away after use.

Amera Ultra Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat

Last but not least, on this roundup of the best toilet seat for hemorrhoids is Sitz Bath from Amera Ultra. A retractable, portable design lets you quickly relieve your soreness or pain even without a bathtub.

This Sitz bath is made for comfort and durability. There are vents in the bath that serve to prevent any accidental overflow during use. Therefore, you can use the product without making a mess.

It has a contoured top that aids comfort, and the blue color fits seamlessly with virtually any type of toilet décor.


If you suffer from hemorrhoid pain, then you need a toilet seat that can help to relieve that pain. The Sitz Bath toilets seats that we have reviewed are comfortable and convenient. These products are versatile and can be used by the elderly, pregnant, and anyone with mobility issues. They are the best toilet seat for hemorrhoids that you can find on the market right now. 

How Much Weight Can a Toilet Hold?

The last thing you want to happen to you is your toilet giving way while you are taking a dump because you have exceeded your toilet’s weight limit. Yes, toilets too have weight limits. Besides getting embarrassed in case your toilet gives away beneath you, there is the potential of you getting injured as a result. You might also end up damaging your bathroom. 

So how much weight can a toilet hold? Well, a toilet seat (round toilet seat and elongated toilet seat) weight limit depends on the type of toilet. There are two types of toilets that are in use today; floor-mounted toilets and wall-mounted toilets.

Floor Mounted Toilets

Toilets mounted on the floor have higher weight limits as compared to those that are hung on the wall. They can support a lot of weight since they are attached to the floor. An average floor mounted toilet has a weight limit of 1000 pounds, which is around 453 kg. 

As with the Floor Mounted Toilets , the seat height is ADA compliant. To read our full review of the best one-piece toilet follow this link.

This means that a floor-mounted toilet can support anybody, no matter how much your weight is. This toilet is ideal for you if you are a heavy person or if any of your family members is heavyweight. Floor mounted toilets have less complicated plumbing system hence are very easy to install and maintain. 

Wall Mounted Toilets

These types of toilets are attached to the walls. As a result, they have none of their parts touching the floor. Since their cistern is built into the wall cavity, all their plumbing system is located in the wall. Wall-mounted toilets take up less space as compared to the floor-mounted ones. 

Since they do not touch the floor, they have lesser weight limits as compared to floor-mounted toilets. An average wall hung toilet has a weight limit of 227 kg or 500 pounds. Although the weight limit is still capable of supporting even the heaviest users, the toilet may also get loose over time if you are a heavy person. 

Are the Toilet Weight Limits Safe?

In Europe and America, an average man weighs about 195 pounds while an average woman weighs 160 pounds. In cases where one is severely obese, they rarely weigh more than 400 pounds. Therefore, a floor-mounted and a wall-mounted toilet weight limit is more than adequate to handle the weight of any user. 

Why Do Most Toilet Brands Fail to Mention Weight Limits?

Given the rising levels of obesity in the country and in the world as a whole, it is very strange for toilet brands to fail to mention weight limits for their products. However, some leading toilet brands mention every feature of their products. It’s a great marketing advantage for any brand to mention toilet weight limits to its customers.

Pros and Cons of Wall Hung Toilets

Although wall-mounted toilets are not as popular in America as they are in Europe, their use is steadily growing in America. Perhaps this is due to the various advantages it has over floor-mounted types. Since they are attached to your bathroom walls, they have a smaller footprint, making them perfect for smaller bathrooms. 

A wall hung toilet also looks stylish and will give your bathroom a modern look. Cleaning your bathroom and keeping your floor dry will also be easier since the toilet does not touch the floor. 

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of having a wall-mounted toilet is the cost, you can see price some best wall hung toilet by following this link. Besides it being quite expensive, you will also have to pay more for the installation. You may also have to deal with more leaking as compared to when you are using a floor-mounted toilet. 


A toilet is an important component of your bathroom. Ensuring that it is in a good state and can handle all types of users is very important. When looking for the best toilet for your bathroom, it is important to consider its weight limit.

So how much weight can a toilet hold? The good news is that a standard toilet weight limit of 1000 pounds is more than enough to handle the weight of any user. Wall-mounted toilets too have a weight limit that is safe enough to handle even a severely obese user. 

How to Replace Bathroom Tiles That Have Fallen Off

Do you have bathroom tiles that have seen better days? Maybe they’ve started to fall off and now you’re wondering just how to get them back on. Well, it’s not as difficult to do as you might have thought to repair bath tile. In general, you just need the tiles that you’re going to put up, a scraper, grout and tile cement. So, with just those few pieces you’re going to have the ability to get that bathroom of yours looking just the way you want it again. What are you waiting for?

The first step to repair bath tile is to remove the grout or tile cement that’s still stuck on the wall. Generally, when a tile falls off, at least some of this is still left behind and that gets in the way of you trying to put up the new tile. You’re going to need new cement and grout so use our scraper and very carefully and gently remove this. Remember, there’s a waterproof membrane behind the tile cement that you still want to keep intact.

Once you’ve removed everything from the wall you want to make sure that you have the right tiles for the right spot. Once you put them up you’re not going to get them back down easily and you’re not going to get them down in one piece at all. So, make sure that you check to make sure it’s exactly what you want and you have it oriented the right direction (if that’s something that’s important with your tiles). From there, apply a thin layer of tile cement on both the wall where you’re going to put the tile and on the back of the tile. You want to make sure you keep the layer thin because it needs to seal well against the wall. 

Next, push the tile directly into the wall where it needs to go. Push on each side and the center to make sure that it’s not sticking out or angled. You want it to be flush with the other tiles and centered in the space because you’re going to need to put grout around the outside to make sure that it’s well sealed and that it stays watertight. You want the grout to look even all the way around when you do put it up so a centered tile is a good idea

Finally, you want to make sure that you wait a few hours for the tile cement to dry. This takes a bit of time, but if you wait it’s going to more firmly attach the tile and the cement will keep it ready for anything. Then you just put a little bit of grout into each of the joints and areas where this tile meets up to the ones next to it. You want your scraper at about a 45 degree angle to make sure you push as much grout in as you can, and scrape off any excess that spills over the top. Once it all dries, just sand it down slightly under flush with the tile and wash the tile itself to remove anything else.