How Long Does It Take to Power Wash A House?

How Long Does It Take to Power Wash A House

Having a clean house is something most people desire. Sometimes the best way to end up with a clean home is by power washing it. With power washing, you get to remove the stubborn dirt to leave you with a great home that you can also love. For most people, the factor of time is what might keep them from power washing their houses. They always think that power washing might take the whole day. 

How Long Does It Take to Power Wash A House

Depending on the size of the house, time spent on cleaning the house can vary from one home to another. Small houses with the size of 1200 to 1500 square feet might only need 30 minutes of power washing. Larger homes might need 2 to 3 hours of washing to leave you with a clean house. 

It is not just about the size of your home, but also the number of workers washing your house. If you have more helpers, power washing the house should be done faster. Helpers can share duties to make the whole process faster. Fewer workers mean more workload and that can take a toll on them. It might take several hours to clean a small home that would otherwise take an hour if you had more workers. 

The experience also matters. If you decide to hire a company to do the power washing, then know that their experience will vary a lot. You would want a company with experience in power washing houses. If the company has more experience, then you can expect to have better results in less time. 

If you hope to end up with a clean surface, then the equipment that you use will matter a lot. You might have to get specialized equipment to ensure cleaning is faster and safer. The last thing you want is to damage the various surfaces when power washing. 

Before You Can Power Wash Your House 

Using eye protection before power washing your house is crucial. It can be scary sometimes to see people power washing their homes without eye protection. Since the water from the nozzle will be at a high pressure, you might end up blowing some things in your eyes. Sometimes they can be sharp objects that lead to eye injuries. As a result, you might want to get proper eye protection before starting the process. 

You should also avoid using ladders while pressure washing a surface. The force coming from the wand can be high pushing you back and thus losing balance. Falling from a ladder is not something you want while power washing. To avoid such injuries, most companies will have extension wants, scaffolding, and elevated work platform vehicles. 

Does your house have asbestos? Well, the asbestos material is still legal and some houses might have a roof made of this material. Whenever you have to clean such a house, you should take extra caution to avoid ending up with health-related issues because of asbestos material. 

Just know that water and electricity do not mix. It is best if you power off at the distribution board. This is if your outlets do not have waterproof covers. With such simple precautions, you should be set to start power washing your house. 

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